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Why Coaching Is For You

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Want to raise your EQ?

Armed with high EQ, you will earn $29k more per year (on average), perform 12x better in sales, be a better leader, and most importantly – have better relationships with everyone around you.

The term emotional intelligence, shortened as EI, has something to do with the skill, the capability, or aptitude to single out, evaluate, and deal with one’s emotions and the emotions of other people. Contrasting propositions as to how emotional intelligence should be defined and used in the different fields of interest are still on the spotlight.

Why is “emotional intelligence” attracting so much interest among business leaders? Perhaps because emotionally intelligent leaders improve sales, retain customers, and increase organizational effectiveness. Drawing on case studies and research, EQ expert Steve Fies reviews findings on how and why these “soft” skills are driving so much hard performance.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Over the past two decades, we have seen our HR roles change from being primarily administrative to making strategic decisions regarding our company’s future direction. A key component of this new role is identifying and strategically aligning our talent. The importance of this responsibility cannot be stressed enough, but how do we go about finding the right people?

Ready to grow a business?

In our unique program, you will learn how to launch and run a business and optimize your business growth strategy, and master five core entrepreneurship skills.

Ready For Financial Freedom?

More than half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and one stressor on their financial situation will cause so much stress. Stop crawling from each anxious paycheck every two weeks and learn how to build wealth using the advice that bankers give to their smallest and largest clients. Regardless of your income, I